Saturday, December 03, 2005


I think I am making good progress. I have kept perfect records of all of my sessions. I have also made progress in eliminating distractions. And, I am half way through the first book. I had surgery yesterday; this is why I haven't posted lately. I am fully recovered. Weak Player isn't really weak.

I did make two mistakes, though. I lost my temper after a really bad beat, and starting calling my opponent a donkey. He was a donkey, but I shouldn't have said anything. Also, I played two tournaments last night while I was high. I was still high from the anesthesia. SoxLover made me play even though I explained that I was high. It was his fault. Personal responsibility is un-American.

Site Type Net
Noble NLHE 100 $95.00
Noble NLHE 200 $102.50
Party NLHE 50 $50.00
Party Stud 5/10 $54.00
Party NLHE 100 $72.25
Party NLHE 100 $46.40
Stars NLHE SNG -$22.00
Stars NLHE SNG -$22.00
Stars NLHE MTT -$22.00
Stars NLHE MTT -$11.00
UB NLHE MTT -$33.00
UB NLHE MTT $23.10
UB NLHE MTT -$33.00
UB NLHE MTT -$33.00


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