Wednesday, June 04, 2008

My Day Off

I had a great day off. I woke up late, had some breakfast, read some blogs, and pretty much did fuck-all for the whole morning. This was somewhat forced as Don was getting the carpets cleaned and we had to hang out in the one room that was not being cleaned.

In the middle afternoon, an old friend called me. She knew I was in Vegas and, by chance, she was too. She told me to meet her down at the Rio; she wanted to see the WSOP action. It is kind of funny that she wanted to see the Rio on my day off but whatever. I headed down there and got on the 2/5 list because I was early. She called me to say she was going to be late, so I sat and played.

In my second orbit, I pick up a set and stack someone with it. Just then, my friend calls to say that she is there. So, I pickup and drop my chips in my box, another $500 richer. Yeah, I am a hit and run artist. My friend and I hang out for a while, and then she had to go. Up $500 on my day off.

I head off to rent a video and then back to the crib. I am running great, obviously. Except I just ran a set into a flopped wheel in my daily quest to make Iron Man. There is a cash bonus on the line this month. I know it is sort of lame, but I want the bonus. I am off to the Venetian today because there is another donkament starting at the Rio today.


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have fun man.....

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