Thursday, February 08, 2007

Six, Six, Six, Six….

I forgot what six was for. Well, no, I still remember vaguely. The day before yesterday was really, really bad poker-wise. I misread the board on the river; I thought I had the nuts. The problem is that I failed to notice that that the river paired the board at the same time it made my nut flush. This resulted in severe stackage. However, I did have my flush on the turn, and the person that got all of my chips did have top two at that point. If I had bet at that point, I would have lost significantly, but perhaps not as much as I did on the river. A few orbits after I had re-bought and I was starting to rebuild. I flopped a wheel. I got stacked again as the other guy had flopped a six high. I had lost two buy-ins plus change. It was time to bag it.

Fortunately, I could not bag it; on my way out, I went on full-on pit-tilt. I played some dice and dumped two hundred. Then I really went nuts. I got the remaining $1000 in my pocket out and bought in for the whole thing on a blackjack table. No, this is not my whole roll; this is just what was in my pocket. I almost got felted by the dealer before I started to win. I got up about $1000. I decided this was a good time to get crazy drunk. I went and checked with Don; yes, he would drive me home.

Back at the blackjack table, I was drinking and giving $100 action. On some hands I bet as much as $250. This would have been one of the stupidest things I did in a casino in recent history, except I had $2500 when Don came to collect me. I wanted to finish my last drink and Don was antsy because he had just taken a couple of sick beats, so he took my five white chips ($500 at the MGM, most other places they are purple) and cashed them for me. He came back and counted them out in front of me. I paid no attention; I just stuffed them in my pocket. I am sure it was right.

So let’s review: I suck at poker, I went crazy in the pit, I got drunk, and I made $1500. This cancels out my craps and poker losses for the day. I am hoping the day will be a net positive in that I gave them $100 action for two hours; I hope to turn that into a nice dinner later today.

Since I did not have my car the yesterday and Don wasn’t going anywhere, we just hung at the crib and played on-line. I bubbled in the 11:00 24+6 on Tilt. I bubbled in the Hammer Day tournament on a bad beat (my AQ vs. AT soooted.) I then kicked some ass in the blogger cash game. It was a good and relaxing day.

I am ready to go back to work now. Yes, I know I missed a day of posting. But I have probably already exceeded last year’s total posts, so cut me some slack.

I am still a little foggy, so I am not even sure I know why I am here, so I will cover that tomorrow instead.


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