Saturday, February 03, 2007

Progress Report, Day Two

This has been a rough two days. The first day, Thursday, I get into LAV airport around 10:00AM, an on-time arrival. I then spend more than 45 minutes waiting for my luggage. Sadly, that is normal for LAV. Picking up my rental was a snap; I used Alamo’s on-line check-in. I drove straight to the MGM to meet Miami Don.

I played 1/2NL for a bit while waiting for 2/5NL. I book a quick $50 win, then get called for 2/5NL. I play tight-aggressive, looking for opportunities to win several small pots. Miami Don shows up and gets seated. The complexion of the table gets interesting. There are three or four major donkeys, one or two rocks, and the rest are solid players. One of the donkeys is playing every pot and spewing chips. I can’t get any of those chips. One of the other donkeys sucks out on me in a big pot. I slowly bleed chips as I go card dead. I lose a coin flip. Eight hours later, I am stuck $450 and we call it a day. We head back to Don’s place where I am staying for the trip.

Yesterday, we got up early. Don has been getting up early, and I am still on Eastern Standard Time. I spend time getting my stuff together, unpacking, and writing yesterday’s post. We go get breakfast, and then head down to the MGM. The place is jamming, and teaming with donkeys. I love super bowl weekend. There was a 5/10nl uncapped game running by 1:30pm. There were also more than 10 1/2nl games and 3 2/5nl games at the same time. I want to play 5/10nl sometime during this trip, but not uncapped, and not until I am running well. I sit at 2/5nl.

I play small ball for a while and build up a few of stacks of profit. I then switch gears in an attempt to get involved in some large pots. I don’t catch a hand and my profit dwindles. Smokkee shows up and sits at 1/2NL. The three of us continue playing our games for several hours.

We roll out of the MGM around 6:30. I have booked a $150 win. We are heading over to the Venetian to play a satellite to the Saturday $550 tournament. I have a really rough cash game session, and I get stack in a hand where I am way ahead. I quit, and hang for a while. I then play my satellite. It is $130, ten seats; top two pay a tournament seat. SNG Machine, Smokkee and I are all playing the same satellite. Smokkee busts first, and SNG Machine busts second. I hang tough, and then start chipping up. I end up winning a seat!

I play 1/2nl for a while and book a $200 profit. I wait and wait and wait because Miami Don is going deep in the nightly tournament and we all drove there together. He busts out in the money, and we head out at 2:30am. It was a long day for a marginal profit for me. I sleep a few hours, get up, bang out this post, and now I have to hit the road; the big tournament starts in two hours.

I wish I could have spent more time on the details, proof read this thing, added hyperlinks and shit, but damn, I am posting for the 2nd day straight and you know about how things are going. Got to motor; wish me luck.


Blogger mookie99 said...

Good luck in the tourney, glad to see you posting again.

1:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


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Blogger Irongirl01 said...

keep up the postings weak.. Congrats on the sat win for your seat.

GL in todays tourney

10:34 AM  

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