Sunday, June 18, 2006

Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs is what I had for breakfast at 3:00am. Scrambled like my brain. Here is a brief summary of recent developments:
1.) I ran into Russ Fox and played with him for several hours. He folded like the French army. For Russ that means that he played one hand every two hours rather one hand every hour, since he was card dead. But he did manage to get a seat next to mine and we talked for a while. He gave me a low down on some of the players I might run into if I sat for the 1000nl Live at The Bike. I gather you already know I ended playing that game (watch the replay on Sunday if you missed it on Friday!.)
2.) I held my own against a tough table in that game. It included two or three of the top cash game players around. It also include several very solid players not in the top tier. It also included an Ultra LAG maniac with more money than god. He was immediately on my left. Fuck! I picked my spots very great care. With all due respect to the commentators, they missed several key points about my play. First of all, there was hand where I flopped a 88 overpair. I knew I was probably ahead. However, I also knew that if I called the bet on the flop, I would be put to the test and I was not prepared to play for all my chips yet. Second of all, I made a great move on the ULAG. I dropped a $100 chip into the pot without saying 'raise' on purpose. I knew that it would be enforced as a call and I knew that ULAG would raise anyhow. I also knew that I would win after re-raising. I had big brass ones there. The official chip count at the end had me +1000. They fucked up. I was really only up $360. But that was against top players, with a bad seat, in a game that was two steps up from my normal game. Yay me!!! Yes, I was fucking crazy for doing it, but it was my kind of crazy.
3.) I don't remember much of the rest of the day. I am really drawing a blank. I think it is understandable under the circumstances.
4.) Today, I played the $100nl donkey push-fest while waiting for a real game. I avoided getting involved without a big pair or AK, as it always goes all-in. Blissfully, I got to sit at a real poker game quickly. I was going for the $300-$500nl game which plays about the same as $400nl at Commerce. But the $500nl unrestricted opened up and I sat with $500. It played a little bigger than I normally play, but not nearly as big as the 1000nl the night before. I was reasonably comfortable. After several hours of patient, careful play, I took down a $1200 pot. I opened in early position for $55 with AQ. I got raised to $110 by MP and overcalled by LP. Flop comes A74 rainbow. A pot sized bet would be about $345. I had just a bit more than that, so that was my spot. I pushed, MP calls quickly, LP folds. River and turn are blanks. I show my hand, MP mucks and the dealer pushes the pot to me. This gets me unstuck for the trip.
5.) Sadly this does not last long. I get up from that game and sit in the $300-$500NL game and get busted twice in one orbit. The first time I had KK and got all-in pre-flop against the biggest donkey at the table. Before the flop is dealt, I ask him if he wants to flip the cards up. He agrees. I show my kings. He starts acting like he is deaf. He doesn't show. The flop is dealt, all blanks. The turn is a Q. The river is a blank. He shows QQ, points at me and laughs. I showed great restraint in not shoving my chip rack up his ass. I don't mind losing. It happens. I got my chips in with the best of it. I do mind people acting like jerks after winning when they should lose. Fuck him. I started tipping each player at the table as they took pots off of him. He didn't even get the joke. I think he looked puzzled when he didn't get a tip when he won his next pot.
The second bust of the orbit came when my set gets cracked by a flush. I am stuck again.
6.) I played even for most of the rest of the day. I gained a little ground late in the session. The best hand I played went as follows: I open for $40 in early position with AQ. Solid player in MP smooth calls. Donkey in late position overcalls. (deja vu!!!) The flop comes AAQ. I am stone cold serious. No expression change. None. I was sure. I look a little perturbed, I check. Solid player checks. Donkey bets out for $50. I think for five or six seconds and smooth call. Solid player makes it $150. Donkey folds. I look disgusted. I think for a long time. I smooth call. The turn is a blank. I check instantly. Solid player checks. The river is a blank. I check, solid player bets $200. I look positively sick. I think for a while....the expresion I was going for was "well, I am fucked....might as well go home" I push in my last $300. Solid player calls the $100 and turns over AK. He asks "do you have QQ?" Me: "no" I turn it over. SEND IT!!!!!
7.) I think I am stuck about $500 as of this moment. This includes several dreadful beats and one or two of mistakes I made. I feel good about how I am playing. Really good. Now, I just need to make some money.
8.) Yes, I am playing at the Bike all week. Saturday, Sunday, and Monday I will be there if you want to wonder by. I will be wearing the green WPBT cap and my Tilt Jersy. It is hard to miss me. If you think you have just spotted Andy Bloch, it's me. I tend to start around 1:00pm or so.


Blogger Garthmeister J. said...

Too bad about the beats mate, but it sounds like you are playing solidly. Pity about the QQ douchebag, though I did love you tipping the other players.

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