Saturday, February 04, 2006

Back In The Saddle Again

I have been feeling really bad about not posting in so long. I was in a major funk about the beating that I took in AC. I lost my discipline as far as record keeping. I stopped reading, too. By the time I faced up to what went wrong and was ready to write about it, the moment was gone. My bad.

I realize my goals were (and are) very ambitious. So, I can forgive myself and move on. One improvement that I have made: I started using PokerDominator, to track my sessions. It is a lot easier to use than my homemade spreadsheet. It also has lots of graphs and reports, too.

While I have really wanted to post (in spite of everyone nagging me about my lack of posting,) the thing that has brought me here now is that I made the final table in two different Tilt MTTs in the space of a week. I made second in a 24+2 on 1/31 ($1250 pay day.) Then, last night, I made sixth in another 24+2. I entered this one with a token, so it only cost my $6.60. It paid $560. Yay!

The coolest thing about last night was that Daddy was at the final table. As a result, lots of bloggers stopped by to say 'hi.' And at least one of them chided me for not posting. In no particular order, Fluxer, Donkey Puncher, Falstaff, CJ, Gary, THG, Jordon, Gambling Blues, and Drizz were all at the rail watching at various points.

The other improvement I have made is this: keeping in focus that this blog is for my thoughts on my game. I post when I have something to say. Having the stress of needing to post because my family, friends and other bloggers are ragging on me is added to my own stress about it. I will try to keep posting regularly, but, if I don't, please don't tell me. I already know.



Blogger Veneno said...

Congrats on both wins!! That is super. As you know, I always thought you were setting a high standard for yourself. I am glad you are cool with giving yourself a break. Post when you want, read when you want, and enjoy yourself.

Hey, I used the same tracking system. Recommended by TripJax. And it is easy.

And I will try hard not to push you to post.

Best Wishes...

1:54 PM  
Blogger Donkeypuncher said...

great job dawg

8:01 PM  

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