Monday, December 12, 2005

WPBT Trip Report (Part One)

I am still hung-over. But, I wanted to capture at least the essence of my trip and some of my key thoughts about it before they start to fade. First and foremost, I want to give much thanks to Bill Rini; it must have been a whole lot of work to organize all that.

When I decided to go, it was mainly to hang out with SoxLover; I didn't have a blog at the time, and wasn't sure I wanted to have one. I eventually decided that this is something I wanted to do. But, by the time I committed to the trip, the tournament list was full. So, I started out with very low expectations. I showed up at the main event just to see what it was like.

I was pleasantly surprised. It was a big thrill to hear Barry Greenstein speak. While I really enjoyed hearing Michael Craig speak, much of what he had to say I either knew or had inferred from having just finished reading his book. I got a chance to speak with him later about the book and the things that I liked about it. Talking to him was great. My next post will be about his book. Seeing Wil Wheaton was cool. In addition to having poker in common, we are fellow Farkers.

I wasn't expecting to get to play, but Bill made sure that the alternates would get to play as people busted out (for the first hour.) I made it in half way through the second level. I was card dead for almost the entire time. I picked up a few blinds. I picked up KQ in MP, blinds 200 and 400. I made it 1200 to go. I got raised to 1900 (all-in) by the SB. He had aces. I was crippled. Two hands later, I picked up the hammer. I went all-in for the last 1000 chips. Russ Fox called me with JJ and I was gone. At least I went out in style.

I got to meet lots of interesting people and had a good time. I am not really good with names; sorry. You were all cool. I hope if I stick with this, I will know most of you for next time. Please sign my guest book.

Next two posts: why you should read Michael Craig's book, and my cash game play (serious and donk-fest.)



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Sounds like a great trip, I am gonna have to make it to the next one.

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