Sunday, December 04, 2005

Bankroll Managment

Okay, I believe I have been substantially following my goals. This morning, I went through and analyzed all of the big hands I was involved in recently. On the plus side, there were some major luck situations, some of which I get points for getting maximal extraction. On the minus side, I found one hand that I was in for no appearent reason. It was so abhorrent, I am not even going to post it here. The problem is that I think most of my good work was in the middle, stealing small pots, and getting away from potential big losers. Any thoughts on how I can use PT to find these? I probably need to keep hand written notes as I go, and then add these notes to the PT db later.

I have been on a tear lately. Since 12/1/05, I am up $788, including $130 of bonus whoring. Thinking about my current heater, one thing is appearent to me: While having to re-load a given poker account is not a problem for me (most of my roll is in Neteller,) it is a big psychological downer. I have been playing mostly $100NL games. I think I could play bigger and still get good results. But, the varience would be too big for any one of my poker accounts individually. So, I plan to stay at this level at each of the sites I play until I have about $1200 in a given account. At that point, I will start taking shots at the $200NL game. When I get over $2000, I can start thinking about a withdrawal.

For live games, my roll is probably big enough. I have 10 buy-ins for a $400-$500NL game, which is what I like to play. My main problem is that I tend to use this cash for other purposes. SoxLover told me that when he does this, he writes himself a marker. I think I will start doing this. For the upcoming trip to vegas, I will need to divide that into a craps/BJ roll, a poker roll, and a spending money roll. I am thinking $1000 craps/BJ, $2500 Poker, $500 spending money.

I am having a hard time coming up with firm rules for bankroll managment. I don't do this for a living, and can add more money anytime I want. But, it clearly is part of the regime of discipline. I want to avoid re-loading any of my poker accounts, and I want to avoid using Neteller (or my real bank) to reload my live game roll. I will do this by playing no more than 1/6 of my roll at a time on any given on-line site. Ideally, it will be less than 1/10 of my roll. I know it should be a far smaller percentage, but that would involve playing at fewer sites, and keeping more cash at the sites than I keep in Neteller. I would prefer to not do that. My other challange is that I would prefer to get most of action at Full Tilt, as I get rake-back there.

Obviously, I have not thought this out enough. Any suggested reading or pointers?


Blogger Mr Subliminal said...

Read 2+2 forums for both limit and no limit. The fact that you are having difficulty making rules is a good sign. There are no hard and fast rules. You think 10 buy-ins are enough for NL, others prefer 20, and some even advocate 40. You will stay at 10 until proven wrong, which may be never. The important thing is to have a set of rules and to blindly stick to them.

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