Wednesday, December 14, 2005

WPBT Trip Report (Part Two)

The live games I played in were at Rio, MGM, Wynn, and Excalibur.

I played two sessions there. The room is smoky (it is a non-smoking room, but is not divided from the rest of the casino or the sports book.) The players were drunk, obnoxious, and bad. They spread 4-8 limit and 2-5 NL. In my first session, I eked out a $270 win at NL in 3 hours without any exceptional hands. I feel that I could have made a bunch of money had I stayed. But the players were just too rude. Normally I tolerate rudeness when I am in a +EV situation, but I just wasn't in the mood.

The second session, the players were not as annoying, but I was card dead. I left even after an hour.

I like the room. They spread pretty much whatever you want, within reason. I first sat in the 5-5NL game, and bought-in for the max ($1000.) It was a tough table with some moderate action. The scary thing is that I recognized some of the players from big games that I have played in the past in Reno and AC. The one I hand I played that is worth writing about was a real lulu.

I am in the CO. There are 5 limpers around to me. I see A7c. I limp. SB calls. The BB checks. Flop comes AQ7r. The action checks around to me. I bet 65. SB calls, everyone else folds. The turn is a brick. I bet $200. SB calls. The river is a brick. SB has me covered and goes all-in in front of me. What is my action?

I can't put him on AA, QQ, or AQ as he would have raised pre-flop, for sure. I can't put him on a turned or rivered set as he would have folded the flop. I can't put him on 77 as he would have check-raised the flop or turn. So, I can't put him on anything that beats me. I am on the verge of soiling myself as I call for all my chips. We chop.

After another two orbits of no hands, I decide that I don't want to swim in the shark tank anymore. I go play the 2/4 mixed stud games. I drink, play and break even. I get tired, go back to the Rio and lose some money playing craps.

The Wynn:
This is one of the nicest rooms I have ever been in. It is very classy and well decorated. Not only will they let you lock up a seat in advance (for a deposit of $20,) but they will also give you a pager (for a deposit of $100.) The decor is really classy. It is away from the casino and it is truly smoke free. The waitresses are nice, attentive, and hot. The tables and chairs are nice. Everything is nice. Except for the competition, that is. It was a rock garden. That is not too surprising, I suppose.

I sit in the 2/5NL game and buy-in for $500. SoxLover is on my right. Several orbits go by with very little action. One person busts out in a hand in which I was not involved. He leaves and is replaced by another player that buys in for $700. What? I thought it was $500 max buy-in. The dealer informs me that it is unlimited buy-in. SoxLover and I immediately buy up to $700.

Several more orbits go buy with very tight play. Then I get involved in a hand with the gentleman that sat with $700. I am UTG and he is MP. I have AA. I open for $35. He makes it $70 to go. The action folds around to me and I smooth call. Flop comes K83r. I check to him. He bets $200. I go all-in. He calls. He flips up KJ!!! The turn and river are blanks. He is de-stacked. WTF???

I was also involved in a very memorable hand with SoxLover. But I will let him tell the story, since he outplayed me.

The third hand that was notable in the session was really great, even if it was not the biggest. I am MP my opponent is LP. I have AK. I make it $35 to go. He thinks for a while and calls. He has about $120 remaining at this point. I see the dealer peel off the flop cards. I see a king come out, just before they are spread face up. The flop is K-rag-rag. I instantly announce all-in. I acted so quickly that he may think I did it in the dark. He thinks. And he thinks. At this point, I am sure I have him beat, and I am bored, so I start taunting him. "Just give me the pot and no one gets hurt" I say. He continues to think. "I know you are going to fold. Just go ahead and do it. Stop wasting our time." He calls and flips over JJ. Turn and river are bricks. I take it down. Another opponent busted.

I make a few plays at some small pots and mix it up a little more after that. After 4 hours, I cash out for a $950 profit.

The second session was also a rock garden. But I got paid with aces and with a flopped set against my opponent’s aces. Aces have been very good to me. I cash out for a $530 profit.

They only spread very small games. But that's okay; we were there for some donk poker. I sit at the 1/3NL table, $200 max buy-in. G-Rob is on my right. F-Train is on my left. He busts twice and leaves. G-Rob bluffs me off a good hand with the hammer. The most fun was the $1 prop bets on the color of the wheel of misfortune. I cash-out for a $50 profit.

Net live game total: +$1800. Ka-ching!


Blogger F-Train said...

That first bust was brutal. The second one was idiocy, probably stoked in part by the brutality of the first.

Live poker is rigged.

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