Friday, December 16, 2005

Bonus Whoring and Stuff

I am somewhat pissed at Party Poker right now. After quickly earning my initial deposit bonus, I got a re-deposit bonus from them. I have been up the whole time, so I hardly need to re-deposit. But, it is hard to pass up a free $100. The problem is that they pulled a bait-and-switch on me. The first bonus had a 500 raked hand requirement with 30 day expiration. The second one has a 1,000 raked hand requirement with 7 day expiration. I am a raving poker fiend, and even I am not sure I will be able to do this.

I have been three and four tabling 2/4 limit. I was mostly up until my last session. Therein, several knuckle draggers laid some nasty bad beats on me. For example, one of them made jacks and threes on the river against my flopped TPTK. Oh well. I am not giving up until I get my bonus. Fark them.

In other bonus whoring news, I still have half of a re-deposit bonus pending at Tilt. I guess I will be taking a break from Party, soon as I get my bonus from those cork sucking bastages. And, then, I can re-deposit at Tilt for another bonus. Good times.

I was wondering why these sites keep offering these bonuses. Then it hit me! Oh this is so good. There are lots of losing players and fewer winning players. The winning players are in the habit of withdrawing funds from time to time (ka-ching, ka-ching, ka-ching.) That leaves the overall level of funds lower. This means less action, so less rake. To induce the losing players to keep it going, they offer bonuses. Because they don't want to piss-off the winning players, they offer the bonus to everyone. After all, you kind of have to be a winning player to make the required number of raked hands before going bust. And on top of it, I get rake-back. Except at Party. Those fargin iceholes.

If you don't know about rake-back, we need to talk. Next up: Atlantic City trip soon. Good times.



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