Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Misty Mountain Hop

Well I haven taken a week and some change at home to decompress and get a few things done at home. I also played a lot of poker. I was running really well on party. Then Party kicked me in the junkā€¦..repeatedly. I am fairly sure from reading back the histories that I am playing well and just got bitch-slapped by the long tentacle of variance. Oh well; so it goes. I also have been playing razz, O/8 and such. I am trying to diversify, chill, and prepare for mixed games at the MGM.

I am choosing this moment to start posting again for a good reason. I am on my way to Commerce for a week. I traveled on business to LA several times in the six months or so leading up to my quitting my job. I kicked butt on most of those trips. So I am somewhere between very hopeful and confident that I will do well.

However, the game is a little different; I am doing this to make money and reloading from my bankroll using my paycheck is no longer possible. So I am playing the same game I know and love (400nl at Commerce.) But the stakes seem strangely higher.

On the other hand, my primary goal is not really to be a pro. So, I could take a loss without feeling totally crushed. But I am expecting to crush this game. Just as I have in three of the last four sessions.

I also plan to have some fun. Veneno and I are planning to play a MTT at the Bike. That should be a blast.

It is unclear how much internet access I will have, so I will be attempting to text updates to Garthmeister. He will probably post them on his blog. Got to catch my plane; later.


Blogger SoxLover said...

Good luck man!

10:07 AM  
Blogger Matt Silverthorn said...

Kick ass, Weak!

7:23 AM  

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