Monday, February 05, 2007

Day Four

I didn’t make it out to play live yesterday. After the Super Bowl, I just chilled for a while, ran my QQ into a set and bottom two into top two in 1/2nl. I then fell into a super stupor that I never recovered from, so I went to bed. Yeah, I know I implied a second post in a single day and didn’t get there. You knew it was too good to be true.

My Super Bowl moment: discussing possible “wardrobe malfunctions” with Don and Carmen. I suggested that Prince may whip it out and start waving it around. Sure enough he did. You missed that? With the big sheet flying in the breeze and the perspective projection, he appeared larger than life with his penis shaped guitar, and he was wailing on it. Tell me it didn’t look like he was waiving it the breeze.

Now, speaking of units, here is what I had in bets:

Bears and the points, 4 units
Bears on the money line, 2 units
Bears -3 ½ +280, 2 units
Under, 2 units
Bears to score fist, 1 unit
No 3 unanswered scores, 2 units

Here I am tearing up my tickets:

So, when all said and done, I lost 6 units. I feel I got good value and I am not terribly upset about it.

About the MGM 5/10NL game: I hadn’t planned on playing it the night before last. I had just come from the Venetian not really feeling it. I sat at the 2/5nl at the MGM and it wasn’t very loose. I wasn’t feeling it either. I got up for a break, looked at the other 2/5nl games and decided that they didn’t look that good either. Then I spotted the 5/10NL game.

It had been one of my goals this trip to play 5/10NL, but I had planned on playing a capped game, and had also planned on playing after I had been running well for a while, so this was unexpected. I saw an open spot and I picked up from the 2/5 game and sat at the 5/10 game. I took another five bills from my roll and put them under my chips.

I played very, very tight for a few orbits while I was sizing up my opponents. It was clear early on that I was up against three drunks and one known donkey; the rest were good players. I had a very loose and not too aggressive drunk on my right. There was another drunk on his right, and a third on his right. Happy day!

I took several pots from the drunks and made one of the good players lay down a better hand than mine. Then a series of horrible things happened: one drunk got up, and got replaced by a rock. Then another drunk got eject for telling the floorman to fuck off. He was upset that the waitress would not serve his non-playing friends drinks. The sober players all offered to buy his friends drinks, but he wasn’t having any of it. He insisted that he was gambling with thousands of dollars and he was entitled to anything he wants. The floorman didn’t even bother to explain that the amount of money he had had no bearing on what he was contributing to the bottom line; waste of time. Out he went.

One other person got up, and got replaced by two rich, middle aged golf shirt and Rolex wearing fuckers that each had three thousand in bills. They both played really tightly at first, and then I noticed the first one had loosened up, was playing more pots, and was bluffing at some of them. This is where I really cleaned up.

I played a pot against the loosened up golf fuck with the intention of taking it away from him on the river. I had J9 suited and flopped a flush draw and a gut shot on a very uncoordinated board. There had been a small raise from called in four spots pre-flop, so there was about $125 in the pot at the point. He bets $100, I think for a long time, and call. Turn is a blank, He bets $100, I think for a long time, and call. River looks like a blank, but it makes my gutshot and a possible back door flush! I get to raise him here with near nuts! At this point, I believe that he is making a play for the pot, but really hope he has a real hand. He bets $200. I think for a long while, then I get my bills (I had collected a few more in earlier pots) and I count out two bills, announce raise and count out four more. He thinks for a while, asks me how much more I have behind, and I tell him (about $500 more.) He thinks for a short time longer and mucks. Damn, he didn’t have anything. But I still took the golf shirt, Rolex wearing fucker’s money.

The remaining drunk loses most of the rest of his money, and the game slows down. The sober donkey leaves because he got into a fight over a pot he was not even in. I decide it is time to go, so I cash out for $1800, a $900 profit.

I still want to play in a real 5/10 game, but it was fun playing in that one. I will probably hit another later in the trip, but not soon, unless I am so lucky as to find another table with drunks and one or two known donkeys. Not too likely, I am guessing.

I wait in a long line at the sports book to buy my losing tickets. There are two windows open and there are a bunch of people ahead of me asking stupid questions and then buying $25 tickets. Oy. I finally get up to the window, lay down my bets, and hit the road at 2:30am.

That brings me up to yesterday, and I didn’t really do anything other than watch the Super Bowl, so my Day 4 post is going to Day 3 part 2.

Next up: today’s action, I update my blog roll, read some other blogs, and, if that doesn’t fill my time, more about why I am really here.