Friday, June 05, 2009

You Don't Understand; Chunks is My Dog!!

Okay, I am here in Vegas, specifically at the Illy in the Plazzo. I have been here for about 24 hours. I had hoped to get to town a few days earlier, but I had family obligations. I still have not been over to the Rio yet.

It has been a really interesting day and a half. Yesterday at 11:00am, it seemed my
landlord was going to try to sell our house and break our lease because he is getting expelled from the country. I spent some time on the phone with a lawyer while I was waiting to catch my flight being assured I will probably be okay.

On the flight, I had two drinks on an empty stomach. Then we hit some wicked turbulence. It had never happened to me before, but I ended up chundering. I did manage to get it all in the barf bag. I was shaking afterwards, and need some water to clean up. I got the water, got cleaned up. Still shaking, I spilled some of the water, some of which landed in my backpack. My backpack was open and my laptop was vent side up. It is toast.I ran out and got an HP mini. It fits in my fag bag. I am typing this post from the Illy in the Plazzo whilst on dinner break from the 12:00 Deep Stack. Chad busted out early, and CK is still alive. The cantaloupe gellato is exquisite.

The place I am saying is awesome. It is a timeshare resort. I have a one bedroom with all the luxuries, for $55/night. It is a bit more expensive than other places I have stayed in private homes, but not having any psycho roomates is a big plus.

Edits and additions to follow, as well as more posts. Sorry to be sloppy, but I need to get back to the tournament. I don't want to fall behind or leave you in the dark, so I am posting this now.

More tomorrow. I promise.


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Promise breaker.

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sounds like you had a the flight from hell, how are you remaining so positive? hope you had a great time in Vegas.

1:28 PM  
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