Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Running Like Ass

Friday I had another bad session, this one at the Venetian. It only takes one hand to make a bad session and this is one of those. The donkey in question had been very active with marginal, at best, holdings. For example, there was $15 in the pot on the river with a straight to the nine on the board. Donkey leads out for $15, gets raised to $100, re-raises to $200, and then he calls all-in for $500 total. He proudly shows his ten and then looks shocked when the other player shows his jack-ten. Duh.

Having taken note of this donkey behavior, I end up involved in a pot with him. I have QQ, he raises pre-flop, I re-raise and he calls. HU to the flop, it comes J62 rainbow. I bet, and he raises. At this point, there is about as much in the pot as there is left to bet. I can't put him on AA, KK or a small pocket pair. So he has AJ or JJ. I think he plays either the same way. There are six ways for him to have JJ and twelve ways for him to have AJ. I jam, he calls and shows his JJ. Oh well.

Saturday was much the same way, at the Venetian also. I got felted for a full buy-in. I had top two on a flush board and I refused to believe the flush and paid the price for it.

Sunday I found my self stuck $800 before fighting back to stuck $300. No big hands that I care to mention. At this point, I want to go back to the Rio. It is late enough in the day that there will be cash games running. Bayne called me to tell me what the board looked like, so I was comfortable picking up and going there.

I played even at a somewhat active table for a few hours. No hands of note, but one donkey said something that totally cracked me up: "Your reads are way off; you should read Cardplayer Magazine to help with your reads." OMFG LOL WTF WUT? Huge donkey...Cardplayer Magazine...Might as well tell me to watch WPT to learn how to play.

I decide that three hours of even play was enough. I pick up and move to a 5/10NL table for a change of pace. I sit with $1500. The other players are mostly good, but there are some soft spots. I get no cards at all, but pickup $200 on two different moves. The third move I make gets bitch-slapped hard. I quit, still even.

Yesterday, I was completely drained, so I took the day off. Today, I have plans to meet Mitch for lunch and some poker.


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