Monday, March 06, 2006


I sent them an e-mail yesterday afternoon, and they have not responded. Since I am feeling pissy today, I will make it an open letter to them:

Dear UB:

It appears that you refunded the buy-in, but not the $3 entry fee. In other words, you charged me $3 for the privilage of being annoyed, frustrated, and confused about this tournament that did not complete. You did not seem to make an announcement, nor issue an apology for this, either. I am still out $3, and I am still angry. Are you trying to lose customers? You already screwed up to the point where you lost virtually all of my ring game business. I guess you want to lose my tournament business as well.

Give me my $3 and an apology; are you so dumb that you don't know that it is the right thing to do? Any decent business person would have refunded more than the entire amount AND apologized immediately. What is wrong with you?????